Butternut Squash Soup

If you've been dying for some fall food but don't consider yourself much of a cook (ahem... like myself) I highly recommend this easy butternut squash soup from Trader Joes.  I added in some cream, pumpkin seeds and sage to garnish and it was the perfect compliment to a lazy autumn Saturday spent reading and relaxing at home.   

Oh and there are a few glory shots of the pears for good measure. 

Apple Tartlet's with Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce

Ok, I'm pretty much a sucker for anything remotely fall related... I know, I know, "Cliche!" you say.  But I'm long past the days of trying to hide my love for foggy days, flannels, thick sweaters, sweet treats and cozy weekends spent indoors.  I'm embracing it, love it or hate it, you choose.  

Now onto the important matter at hand.  If you've never tried an Apple Tartlet with Salted caramel sauce it is a must try! I snagged this recipe form the Family Style Food Blog  and it was oh so easy.  I'm not usually one for baking but this recipe was easy to follow and I managed to make the caramel sauce on the FIRST try without it seizing.  So, needless to say it was a good day.  Happy Friday and Happy Weekending! 

Mid Week Pick Me Up

This week has felt unbelievably long.  A number of circumstances have lead to it feeling like time is passing oh so slowly as we move towards the weekend yet I know already, this weekend will fly by!  I have been waiting on a new work visa, as I'm Canadian.  It has been over three months without work and I've been at home trying to stay busy and productive.  Sometimes having a day wide open with no commitments can be the most wonderful thing, but it's funny how when you have too much of a good thing it's goodness becomes tainted.  In an effort to keep producing work, and trying to push my craft I've been creating these still life vignettes and one thing I've come to love about food photography is you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor after the shoot:) 

This refreshing drink is simply some sparkling grapefruit juice from Whole Foods with a splash of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and sage for garnish.  If you're looking for something with a bit more of a kick, try adding some champagne to this for a delightful weekend brunch mimosa.  Enjoy! 

Fig Season... Favorite Season

Okay this little fruit is incredibly underrated.  Not only are they simply stunning, they are unbelievably tasty alone, and when paired with a little goat cheese, and agave nectar.  Like dangerously delicious.  You could eat this for breakfast, as an appetizer or for dessert... basically what I'm trying to say is, as long as figs are in season, I'll be making these tasty little morsels non-stop.  

Also an amazing fact about these little guys is they are actually an entire inflorescence of a flower, meaning that it is the seeds, stem, body and the leaves of a flower all curled up inside what we think of as the 'fruit' fig.  God's creation is pretty amazing, right down to the way he designed the fig.     

To Make:  Cut a loaf of french bread and lightly spread unflavored goat cheese over.  Cut the figs into thin slices and layer on top of the bread and goat cheese.  Broil in the oven at 400 degrees for about 5 minutes, but keep an eye out the entire time they are cooking because they burn easily.  Once lightly crisped, remove from oven and lightly drizzle blue agave nectar on top for a sweet, full finish.  

Room Service

Saturday Mornings have a way of feeling like Christmas morning around here.  Ok, maybe not that special, but they're pretty wonderful.  This summer has a been a season of waiting, growing, creating, exploring, and more waiting.  I am in the process of receiving a new work visa and although I knew how long it might take, I never expected it would be this difficult to be confined to the walls of our home all day, with the odd coffee shop visit or lunch out alone.  Spending so much time alone has been both a blessing and a burden.  It has forced me to find ways to be productive and creative with the resources I have in my own home.  Hence, all of the new lifestyle work I've been adding on here.  Nonetheless, my Saturday morning will be spent right here with my love, enjoying the company of the person who knows me best.  I hope you have a lovely mid-August weekend, here are some b n' b photos to help ease you into the difficult task ahead... doing absolutely nothing on a Saturday morning ;)

Morning Coffee

My Husband and I have a morning ritual of drinking coffee together in bed before he heads off to work.  He starts work unusually early and leaves the house at 6:45am, but we have found that 30 less minutes of sleep, and 30 more minutes together, sipping coffee in the quiet of the early morning, has a lasting impact on our hearts and our relationship.  What are some ways you carve out time for friends and family in the busyness of life?  Maybe it does mean cutting into that precious time of rest to strengthen a relationship, but I promise you, it will be so so worth it.  

Silver Star Mountain Resort B.C Canada

Christmas in Canada was nothing short of a dream come true.  From cherished time with family, to exploring with fresh eyes the town I grew up in, to taking a day away in the snowy mountains, it was all beautifully surreal.  These photos were taken during our family tubing day at Silver Star Mountain in British Columbia.  This was my first time taking photographs of snowy landscapes and it was a bit tricky trying to expose the images correctly with all of the white in the frame, but I loved every minute of the experience.  After having such a rich travel experience to Canada I am hoping to continue to travel more and document my experiences in 2015. 

Organic Autumn Mountain Wedding

I had the incredible privilege of shooting the NEW Stacie and Ryan Macdonald wedding a few weekends ago at Thousand Pines Christian camp in the San Bernardino Mountains.  My wonderful husband (and also sometimes second shooter!) road tripped down late saturday night for the Sunday wedding and drove all the way back to our new home in Campbell through the night on Sunday.  We got home around 3:30am and seemingly tumbled into the new week low on sleep and energy but excited about the work from this stunning wedding! Here is a brief preview of some of the moments captured.  The landscape, weather, close friends, and intimacy woven into this day made it nothing short of amazing. 

Jonathan & Sara Haukaas

It was such a joy having the opportunity to shoot Sara and Jonathan Haukaas' wedding on August 17th at the gorgeous venue, Willow Lake in Brush Prairie Washington.  This wedding was unique because it was my second time shooting at this venue but it was such a neat experience seeing the venue completely transformed to compliment the Bride's lovely, simple and elegant style.  This couple loves the Lord and knows how to throw one heck of a party! Cheers to the New Mr. & Mrs. Haukaas. 


Some mornings you wake up and just want to create.  Last monday was that kind of morning for me.  I wanted to design anything and everything, work on my hand lettering, take photographs and basically just do anything that required creativity.  In the midst of a busy semester it's quite rare to experience this kind of beautifully random inspiration.  So in response, I snapped a few photos of our wonderfully wild and organic backyard.  

Sara+Joshua 3.13.14

I had the wonderful opportunity of taking some photos of my two friends Sara and Joshua for their six month anniversary! I had so much fun spending time with them and getting to know them from behind the camera.  These two exude so much joy when they are together and make the loveliest pair.  Happy Anniversary to Sara and Josh! 

Afternoon LA

I just recently got back home from spending the past month in Canada with my family.  My fiance Karl had been out traveling to New York, San Diego, and Rome.  Having met him in college, yet having our families life in different countries made spending the holidays together nearly impossible.  I had to say goodbye to him yet again and wasn't able to see him for a month.  This goodbye felt different, knowing that this would be the last time we would have to do long-distance before we get married in July.  This made saying goodbye a little bit easier.  Since we have both been back we have been able to spend some much needed quality time together! Here are few shots from our brunch at LA Chapter at the Ace Hotel.  We walked around and explored the Theatre District, and it was lovely. 


There's nothing quite like the stillness and quite that comes with a fresh snowfall.  For some it brings memories of a childhood Christmas spent cozy inside with a fire and a warm cup of cocoa.  For me there is something so meaningful about bundling up and exploring what surrounds the home at the first sign of a fresh fall.  My Aunt once told me a story about a missionary from Africa who came to visit my grandparents in British Columbia during the winter.  This sweet woman had never experienced the beauty of watching these weightless flakes fall to the earth, and she wanted to step outside and listen to what it sounds like.  She knew that with rain came the light pitter-patter sound as the drops hit the ground, and expected something similar with the snow.  As she stepped outside she froze and took in the wonder of silence that comes with snow.  There is a longing for spring, and productivity during the long winter months, but there is also something wonderfully simple about living each moment as it is given, unhurried and content.  

A House & A Farm

At the end of this summer I drove out to Battle Ground Washington to take this sweet girls senior photos! I had no idea what to expect when she proposed the idea of taking the photos at her house.  Malia was adopted as a little girl and grew up in this house and when thinking about her senior photos she couldn't think of a more fitting location, and neither could I! Her house was placed back in the woods, hidden from the hurried life in the city.  There was a beautiful calm in this space, not to mention the cutest little barn and field with chickens, sheep and a goat!  I had a lovely time working with Malia and absolutely loved being able to explore the land she lives on.  

A Winter Graduation

This girl holds a special place in my heart.  As a wide-eyed, wonderfully ignorant freshman at Biola University I walked into the all girls dorm-Alpha and found my assigned room number. 'Catherine Nassar' was the name that read beside mine on the door.  Later I found out she goes by her middle name, Alex.  Not knowing anything more about this girl except for a few photos I could see on facebook, we began living together.  Strange how in college it becomes so normal to live with complete strangers.  Over the years she has become a dear friend, and in our fourth year we are living together once again. I loved being able to shoot Alex's graduation photos and I can't believe that four years has gone by! In just a few short weeks this lady will be walking the stage and getting her Bachelors degree!