There's nothing quite like the stillness and quite that comes with a fresh snowfall.  For some it brings memories of a childhood Christmas spent cozy inside with a fire and a warm cup of cocoa.  For me there is something so meaningful about bundling up and exploring what surrounds the home at the first sign of a fresh fall.  My Aunt once told me a story about a missionary from Africa who came to visit my grandparents in British Columbia during the winter.  This sweet woman had never experienced the beauty of watching these weightless flakes fall to the earth, and she wanted to step outside and listen to what it sounds like.  She knew that with rain came the light pitter-patter sound as the drops hit the ground, and expected something similar with the snow.  As she stepped outside she froze and took in the wonder of silence that comes with snow.  There is a longing for spring, and productivity during the long winter months, but there is also something wonderfully simple about living each moment as it is given, unhurried and content.