Room Service

Saturday Mornings have a way of feeling like Christmas morning around here.  Ok, maybe not that special, but they're pretty wonderful.  This summer has a been a season of waiting, growing, creating, exploring, and more waiting.  I am in the process of receiving a new work visa and although I knew how long it might take, I never expected it would be this difficult to be confined to the walls of our home all day, with the odd coffee shop visit or lunch out alone.  Spending so much time alone has been both a blessing and a burden.  It has forced me to find ways to be productive and creative with the resources I have in my own home.  Hence, all of the new lifestyle work I've been adding on here.  Nonetheless, my Saturday morning will be spent right here with my love, enjoying the company of the person who knows me best.  I hope you have a lovely mid-August weekend, here are some b n' b photos to help ease you into the difficult task ahead... doing absolutely nothing on a Saturday morning ;)