A House & A Farm

At the end of this summer I drove out to Battle Ground Washington to take this sweet girls senior photos! I had no idea what to expect when she proposed the idea of taking the photos at her house.  Malia was adopted as a little girl and grew up in this house and when thinking about her senior photos she couldn't think of a more fitting location, and neither could I! Her house was placed back in the woods, hidden from the hurried life in the city.  There was a beautiful calm in this space, not to mention the cutest little barn and field with chickens, sheep and a goat!  I had a lovely time working with Malia and absolutely loved being able to explore the land she lives on.  

A Winter Graduation

This girl holds a special place in my heart.  As a wide-eyed, wonderfully ignorant freshman at Biola University I walked into the all girls dorm-Alpha and found my assigned room number. 'Catherine Nassar' was the name that read beside mine on the door.  Later I found out she goes by her middle name, Alex.  Not knowing anything more about this girl except for a few photos I could see on facebook, we began living together.  Strange how in college it becomes so normal to live with complete strangers.  Over the years she has become a dear friend, and in our fourth year we are living together once again. I loved being able to shoot Alex's graduation photos and I can't believe that four years has gone by! In just a few short weeks this lady will be walking the stage and getting her Bachelors degree! 

An Orchard in Canada

I had the incredible opportunity to travel back home at the end of this summer to visit my family in Kelowna BC Canada, and I was able to take this lovely lady, Easton Kawawaki with me!  Trying to find time to schedule her senior portraits in Washington didn't work, so why not take them in Canada right? I had so much fun exploring the town I grew up in with my camera for the first time.  As you can see this girl is stunning, and she made my job so easy.  Loved being able to work with a fellow photographer.  Check out her work at http://eastonmika.tumblr.com/ if you are in the Vancouver WA / Portland OR area and need a photographer!